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Big Boss Man Heading Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Ray Traylor Jr, a former prison guard in Cobb County, Georgia, was never intending to become a professional wrestler but by god he did. During a lengthy WWF and WCW run he became known as the stern heel of the roster – rising to prominence during numerous championship reigns. Now WWE is acknowledging his legacy by giving him a spot in the companies WWE Hall of Fame.

His career had numerous peaks, early feuds against Hulk Hogan and Randy “Macho Man ” Savage put him front and center in the WWE ring. There was a spell in WCW where he

Attitude Era fans may remember Boss Man as being the enforcer of the Corporation – feuding with Undertaker into Wrestlemania 15 in an ill-booked match. 1999 proved to be a weird year for the veteran as he found himself in one of WWE’s more infamous matches – The Kennel From Hell mmatch. At the end of 1999 he found himself competing for the WWE Championship against Big Show in a less than memorable feud that had all too many awkward moments.

But when the Hardcore Title went 24/7, Boss Man was one of the key players in that period; holding the championship numerous times. He left WWE in 2003 and unfortunatly passed away in 2004.