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Here at SCREENCRITICS we review a wide range of media. One of the problems with this is that it’s hard to choose a review style that fits across all media. With this in mind we’ve decided to introduce our own review system that we feel is flexible enough to meet all the demands we throw at it. Whether it’s the latest blockbuster movie or an episode of our favourite TV show. With this in mind, we introduce our ‘Screen Score’.

Red: For us, red is the absolute worst of the worst. To attain a red score, something has to be so joyless – so devoid of critical markers that we have to mark it as such. Not necessarily given to the biggest flops however – the movie/tv show/game/wrestling match has to genuinely earn it’s red rating through sheer awfulness.

Orange: Orange isn’t quite s dire as a red, but it still pretty much sucks. Orange is an indicator that while certain aspects of a piece of a media may redeem it, ultimately it’s heavily flawed and certainly not something that would come easily recommended – if at all.

Yellow: Yellow is below average. Something that’s enjoyable to hardcore fans but not something that would appeal to those who aren’t invested. In a critical sense it’s the kind of media where effort has clearly been made – but ultimately contains a lot of shortcomings which detract from the overall experience.

Green: Distinctly average. The negative and positive aspects balance each other out (near enough) and we what we end up with is something that can be enjoyed if you’re willing to overlook the negatives.

Light Blue: Now we’re talking. A piece of media that is competent in it’s execution, is fun or otherwise just enjoyable for what it is. It’s not perfect – but it’s well worth a look at.

Dark Blue: Truly a wonderful piece of media – very few things will attain this level of acclaim – those that do will likely contain some stand out features that make it excel. If you see this score then you know its worth the time to invest in it

Purple: The best of the best. Perfection. Nothing else really needs to be said. If it’s purple then you it our stamp of approval as one of the best at what it does.