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Star Wars ‘The Force Awakens’ top $2 billion at Box Office

In a feat only achieved twice before it, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has become only the third film ever in Box Office history to pass the coveted $2 billion mark.

A month and half after storming into cinemas, JJ Abrams re-introduction of the Star Wars universe has successfully garnered an amount of money that only two other films have achieved ever – Titanic and Avatar, It’s already the biggest film of all time at the American Box Office – where it’s taken $905 million (Avatar only managed $760 million).

However it’s pretty much guaranteed that the sci-fi epic won’t be surpassing Avatar’s $2.8 billion haul at the Box Office – which came at a time when the 3D boom was white hot. It also has to find another $180 million if it wants to dislodge Titanic and claim second place.

This all being said; it’s fairly silly to throw around Star Wars *only* made $2 billion. That’s more than any other Disney film ever and see’s a sizeable return on Disney’s $4 billion investment to buy the franchise. We’re sure there’s a lot of champagne being guzzled in the house of mouse to this news.

The Star Wars Force Awakens DVD/Blu-Ray is rumoured to be hitting in early April. Rogue One will be in cinemas this December. We can’t wait.