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Playmobil movie confirmed – all the pieces coming together

Long rumoured but never really confirmed – Paramount Pictures has finally gotten around to putting the pieces together for it’s upcomong Playmobil movie by reportedly attaching some fairly big names to the project.

Lino DiSalvo, veteran of 17 years over at Disney animation, has signed up to make his directorial debut for the movie. His previous works include the record shattering Frozen. The animation is being handed by Paris-based ON animation.

Rumours point to this being the first movie in a trilogy. with the title of this film being called Playmobil: Robbers, Thieves & Rebels. Regarding the movie he told Variety;

“Serendipity… Meeting with Dimitri, the Playmobil producer for coffee and earlier that morning, my son and I just finished a two hour play, with knights and a castle, vikings, chasing Pirates… Playmobil toys are a blank slate!”

“The sets are epic, I remember spending hours and hours as a child getting lost in the story, that you get to create…”

“It’s a theme that’s organic and truthful to the Playmobil, creating your own awesome story and adventure”,

Given the success of the Lego movie a few years back, we shouldn’t be surprised that other toy manufacturers are scraping around to get their hands on lucrative franchises. Will it be any good? It’s hard to be too excited about the idea of an off-brand Lego movie. This reminds us more of those cheap knock-offs that you find in Poundland.

The film is pencilled in for a 2018 release.


Source: Variety