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Ghostbusters teaser revealed – teases full trailer next month

The upcoming Ghostbusters reboot has all the makings of a good film; whether it becomes one is another thing entirely. Fans of the franchise have been waiting with baited breath for any kind of footage to emerge and now director Paul Feig has revealed the first tantalising glimpse of the upcoming movie.

Intercut with the iconic “Who you gonna call?” line – the teaser doesn’t show too much or give us any kind of look at the iconic team in action. It does however seem to depict that action is about to go down in a big way – with lots of police on the scene. It’s a surprisingly serious teaser – we do hope that isn’t the case for the final film.

The teaser does however tell us when the full trailer will drop – 3td March is the date to circle in your diary if you’re holding out for the real thing.