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Street Fighter V launches into online problems – PC gamers hit with all kinds of issues

Highly anticipated is typically followed by “disappointing launch these days; it’s a sad statement of the modern video game industry and with Capcom launching Street Fighter V, issues haven’t been far behind.

Broadly the game appears to be suffering online issues – with many simply not able to compete online. So bad has the situation gotten that Yoshinori Ono has taken to Twitter to try and calm the angered fan base;


The bigger issue is that while all these online issues roll on – you won’t be able to earn Fight Money. Fight Money is Street Fighter V’s currency and can only be earned when your copy of the game is logged online – money that you’ll be needing when the in-game shop opens in March. Way to go Capcom.

Aside from this – not being able to compete in matches and being kicked from matches they do manage to get into – so it’s not really worth trying.

Elsewhere PC gamers have entered a complete circle of hell – with their version of the game lacking support for many of the platforms widely available joysticks and controllers. Players are seeking to fix the issues themselves but as of right now – Street Fighter V’s Steam page is a very sad place to go reading. Issues also appear to be prevailing if you fail to update your graphics driver or (rather bizarrely) if your device has an active touchscreen.

Check out our friends over at RetroRemastered for news about these issues as they roll on and hopefully for solutions when they arrive.