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  • Wrestling Rant: Why the legacy of Wrestlemania 32 may not be good for WWE

    Wrestlemania marks the biggest PPV of the year for WWE – a showcase of all the current talent sprinkled with the best of the past. But this year’s Wrestlemania has taken a very awkward left turn; with Shane McMahon finding his way into one of the biggest spots on the card while Triple H wanders […]

  • WWE Fastlane 2016 Review and Results

    WWE Fastlane happened. We can’t ignore it and with Wrestlemania looming over proceedings like a long shadow – it was time for WWE to begin placing the pieces that will take the fans into the biggest pay-per-view of the year. The big question though, where the matches any good and which ones should you be […]

  • Six Talking Points from ‘WWE Fastlane’

    WWE Fast Lane came and Fast Lane went. In it’s wake we’re left with the taste of disappointment and general sadness. The Road to Wrestlemania is well under way but WWE have a lot of bridge building to do if they’re going to pull a high class show out of the mess they’ve managed to […]

  • What Happened to the NXT classes of yesteryear? Find out as we take a stroll down memory lane….

    Before NXT was transformed into the indie powerhouse it is right now it used to be a game show type show where wrestling talent competed in rigged competitions. The entire thing was silly and was pushed to after one season – but a lot of superstars passed under the Golden X to get their […]

  • Why Do We Still Get Excited over Crash Bandicoot?

    The internet held its breathe this week at the news of a potential Crash Bandicoot reboot. News stories emerged that a NECA Toys director had all but confirmed the gaming bandicoot was set for a big return – setting fans up for excitement that finally there was something coming their way. But then came the […]

  • The Actors who should replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

    With rumours swirling that Daniel Craig has hit the eject button on his tenure as the famous British spy – it’s time for fans to do a bit of soul searching. Bond is a franchise that waits for no actor and with a slew of action hero’s waiting in the wings to take the mantle […]

  • Why it’s time to give Nintendo’s Metroid series the reboot it deserves

    Did you know that 2016 marks the 30th Anniversary of Metroid, one of Nintendo’s most storied and beloved franchises? If you answered no don’t feel too bad – apparently no one at Nintendo remembers either since they’re doing sweet f-a to mark the occasion. Sure they might throw up a re-release or two but where’s the […]

  • Highlights of Daniel Bryan’s WWE career

    The news of Daniel Bryan’s retirement has hit his fans hard. The hard working WWE Superstar has always entertained and engaged fans on a level that few managed in the squared circle. Luckily for Daniel Bryan fans, there are plenty of moments to look back fondly upon from his time in WWE (There are lots […]

  • Four WWE Superstar who should face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 (And Some Who Shoudn’t)

    Rumours swirled towards the back end of last week that Braun Strauman was in line to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 – something that sounds incredibly dumb and shouldn’t happen in any plain of existence. Let’s be clear here – Braun may be the flavour of the month with Vince McMahon but he’s certainly not […]

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