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Saw 8 happening as Liongate hires new Writers

A few years back you couldn’t move without bumping into an iteration of the Saw franchise. It was finally concluded with the awful Saw 3D and Liongate moved on to other franchises (Like The Hunger Games). Now though like an ex feeling the nostalgia, Liongate wants to bring the franchise back with it’s newest entry; Saw Legacy.

The studio has wasted no time in hiring staff for the project – bringing in Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger to helm the films screenplay. The two are most famous for the recent Piranha films and Sorority Row. Elsewhere original Saw director James Wan and scribe Leigh Whannel are on board as executive producers.

As of right now it’s unclear if the newest Saw film is going to be a reboot or a continuation of the series story. Either way, expect gore by the bucket load.