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Kingsman 2 Casts Julianne Moore as Film’s Villain

Before Deadpool there was another R-Rated Fox flick that took the box office by storm – Kingsman.  After capturing $400 million worldwide – Fox greenlit a sequel and now details are emerging of the shake-up to the films cast.

Director Matthew Vaughn has had to go hunting for new actors to fill the roles in his upcoming flick with a number of the stars from the original not surviving to make the sequel. Julianne Moore has signed on to star as the films villain.

There’s no extra details about the role other than the film will probably shift from it’s U.K focus and take the action state side. Rumours swirled recently that Colin Firth would be reprising his role as Harry Hart from the original flick however this seems unlikely (Something you’d know if you watched the original)

Filming is currently schedules to begin in May this year – with a cinematic release pencilled in for June 16th 2017.