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WWE Star Titus O’Neil Reportedly Suspended

For anyone who was watching the ending of Monday Night Raw closely – you couldn’t have failed to notice a small incident between Vince McMahon and WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil – where the latter appeared to grab the former. Now PWInsider is reporting that the WWE Superstar has been suspended.

The incident occurred at the end of the Raw telecast when the entire roster assembled on the stage to say goodbye to popular superstar Daniel Bryan. As Bryan made his way to the back; the rest of the locker room followed him. In this moment Titus O’Neil appears to grab Vince McMahon and pull him – leading to Vince violently shaking Titus off. A clearly angry Vince McMahon can be seen walking away as the screen faded to black. We doubt there was any malice to the incident – but it was insanely disrespectful to grab at Vince when he wasn’t aware. (Video of the incident is in the Tweet below)

It’s reported that when the Superstar arrived at the Smackdown tapings he was informed of his suspension. Word doing the rounds is that the suspension could be anywhere 90 days – which would see O’Neil miss out on the lucrative Wrestlemania pay day. It also means that his recent push on WWE TV will likely be harpooned as punishment.

We can’t say we’re surprised. I was covering Raw live for our friends over at RockBottomRadio and the incident was clear as day to viewers on TV which very likely made the reaction a lot worse from Vince. If we get any updates (Or official confirmation of this being or not being the case) we’ll update the story accordingly.

O’Neil is 39 and signed with WWE in 2009.


Source: PWInsider