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  • Wrestling Rant: Why the legacy of Wrestlemania 32 may not be good for WWE

    Wrestlemania marks the biggest PPV of the year for WWE – a showcase of all the current talent sprinkled with the best of the past. But this year’s Wrestlemania has taken a very awkward left turn; with Shane McMahon finding his way into one of the biggest spots on the card while Triple H wanders […]

  • WWE Fastlane 2016 Review and Results

    WWE Fastlane happened. We can’t ignore it and with Wrestlemania looming over proceedings like a long shadow – it was time for WWE to begin placing the pieces that will take the fans into the biggest pay-per-view of the year. The big question though, where the matches any good and which ones should you be […]

  • Six Talking Points from ‘WWE Fastlane’

    WWE Fast Lane came and Fast Lane went. In it’s wake we’re left with the taste of disappointment and general sadness. The Road to Wrestlemania is well under way but WWE have a lot of bridge building to do if they’re going to pull a high class show out of the mess they’ve managed to […]

  • San Andreas 2 happening; Dwayne Johnson on board

    Dwayne Johnson’s San Andreas was a somewhat fun if underwhelming flick. The movie was carried almost entirely on the former WWE-star’s shoulders with a plot that had more holes that than the San Andreas fault. Now it seems the sequel we didn’t want or ask for is happening anyway.

  • What Happened to the NXT classes of yesteryear? Find out as we take a stroll down memory lane….

    Before NXT was transformed into the indie powerhouse it is right now it used to be a game show type show where wrestling talent competed in rigged competitions. The entire thing was silly and was pushed to after one season – but a lot of superstars passed under the Golden X to get their […]

  • WWE announces Global Cruiserweight Series – Coming July 2016

    There have been rumours floating around in recent times about WWE looking to involve Cruiserweights more in WWE Network programming and now WWE has formally announced their intention to do so – with the inaugural Global Cruiserweight Series.

  • Wade Barrett Reportedly hands in notice to WWE

    Wade Barrett has been a solid performer for WWE over the years, being involved in a number of stables and tag-teams. When he debuted on the main roster back in 2010 as the winner of the original NXT – he seemed to be heading for the big time. Now though it seems the superstar has […]

  • Brie Bella Reportedly Considering Retirement from WWE

    In a move that surprises no one (and one that should be applauded) Brie Bella is reportedly wrapping up her wrestling career in the near future so she can begin that long wanted family with husband Daniel Bryan.

  • CM Punk’s UFC debut delayed by injury

    For fans of CM Punk, his much anticipated debut in UFC was set to be the highlight of the year. Sadly for those fans the wait for his first fight will go on well into 2016 as the former WWE Champion requires back surgery which will keep him out of the octagon

  • WWE Star Titus O’Neil Reportedly Suspended

    For anyone who was watching the ending of Monday Night Raw closely – you couldn’t have failed to notice a small incident between Vince McMahon and WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil – where the latter appeared to grab the former. Now PWInsider is reporting that the WWE Superstar has been suspended.