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Brie Bella Reportedly Considering Retirement from WWE

In a move that surprises no one (and one that should be applauded) Brie Bella is reportedly wrapping up her wrestling career in the near future so she can begin that long wanted family with husband Daniel Bryan.

The news comes via David Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer – suggesting that Brie has reached the end of her wrestling career and is now seeking to start a family with Daniel Bryan. For viewers of the E! show Total Divas this won’t come as a surprise – Brie has made little secret of her desire to start having children.

With injuries to Nikki Bella (Neck injury) and Daniel Bryan (Concussions) the timing would make sense – and Brie is currently in line for a Divas Championship match at the upcoming WWE Fastlane PPV. I wouldn’t be totally surprised if she finds herself holding the championship at the end of that event and ends up sticking around for one final Wrestlemania pay day.

Brie Bella is a one time WWE Divas Champion and two time WWE Slammy award winner.