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San Andreas 2 happening; Dwayne Johnson on board

Dwayne Johnson’s San Andreas was a somewhat fun if underwhelming flick. The movie was carried almost entirely on the former WWE-star’s shoulders with a plot that had more holes that than the San Andreas fault. Now it seems the sequel we didn’t want or ask for is happening anyway.

New Line Cinama has officially put San Andreas into development – with Johnson set to reprise his role as helicopter pilot Ramond Gaines. The new film is set to be penned by Neil Widener and Gavin James (Writer of the original movie). We can probably expect the rest of the cast to show up too from the original.

Brad Peyton will return to direct proceedings too so this film will at least have similar beats to the original. Plot details haven’t revealed and no release date set – but you can expect to hear more about this as it’s release approached.

Dwayne Johnson was the highest grossing star in Hollywood in 2015 – and with the announcement of this film it would appear that his popularity isn’t going anywhere any time soon.